Bicycle Maintenance

This course will give you a valuable insight into how to practically and effectively take care of your bicycle. This weekly programme will give you the skills needed to ensure that you will be capable and confident in taking care of your bike, with tips and insights into the workings of every essential part! 

Course Content Includes:

– Basic concepts of bike mechanics: how the bike works and how to keep it working
– How to check for wear and tear on basic components such as brake pads, chain, and cables
– Removing and installing wheels
– Inner tubes replacement
– Good practices on wash and lubrication of your bike

– Basic brakes adjustment
– Basic gears adjustments
– How to check for wear and tear on your bike’s bearings systems
– How to deal with emergency situations such as a sudden chain brake or a snapped cable
– How to replace brake pads
-How to replace cassette/block/freewheel

Please note: Students will need to bring a bicycle and tools with them to class each week to work on. Tools needed include:

Adjustment Screwdriver Set – Floor Pump with Gauge – Tyre Lever – Cleaning Brush Set – Lube – Drive Train Cleaner/Degreaser – Bike Wash – Box Spanner – Ratcheting Metric Wrench Spanner – Puncture Repair Kit – Cable Cutter – Mini Folding Hex – Chain Cutter

A full list of recommended tools and accessories will be forwarded to students after registration.


Classes begin on Thursday, February 22nd, 2024

19:00 -21:00 pm


11 weeks