An Introduction to Music Production – Online Course


Making music has changed over the past ten years. You no longer need to be a virtuoso to be considered a great music maker. These days you can make music on devices that you already own that sound just as good as the songs you hear on the radio.

This beginners’ course will introduce you to making digital music using free apps and software. You will learn how to create beats, record loops, layer instruments, structure your song and create your own sounds through a method that is fun and focused on self-expression.

The tutor, Justin Cullen is a songwriter, audio engineer and creative digital skills tutor. His background is in music technology and live performance. Justin has been delivering creative digital skills workshops for the past 15 years to schools all over Ireland. He has created courses in podcasting, music tech and song-writing. He believes that a mixture of engaging activities and interesting content is the key to creative learning. He is also the singer in a cool band.

Class  begins Wednesday September 29th, 2021`.

20.15 – 21.15

8 Weeks