Learn the basics of good nutrition and optimal health using wholefoods. Understand how the body works and how to return to a state of balance. Improve your energy and immune system; kickstart your digestive system; get better sleep. Learn how to ferment and sprout at home.



  • Learn the good from the bad when it comes to fats, carbs and proteins
  • identify your own possible nutritional deficiencies 
  • understand the benefits of a balanced wholefood diet
  • learn about phytonutrients and functional foods
  • balance blood sugar, manage cholesterol & control inflammation
  • get to know the microbiome and how to encourage a healthier gut
  • practice fermentation and sprouting at home
  • kickstart your digestive and lymphatic systems
  • learn about the different tastes, and how to make healthy food taste delicious
  • become a more mindful eater
  • improve your shopping habits and learn to read labels
  • develop breathing techniques to manage stress
  • improve your sleep
  • future-proof yourself against lifestyle diseases so that you can live your life with more energy, better focus, and improved health…

Begins Tuesday January 29th 7-9pm  6 weeks

Cost 180 euros

(includes all course notes, food samples, kefir grains, and starter pack for sprouting)

Further details from Siobhán Flood at