Pyrography- Woodburning

Pyrography or Woodburning is the art of designing with fire. In this class you will learn the basic techniques of texture and shading, transferring a design onto wood and creating various effects. These techniques can be used to design and create your own projects such as keyrings, necklaces, coasters, placemats, house signs or pieces of art. You do not need to be particularly talented at art. Designs are transferred onto wood using carbon paper and then your creativity takes over! Plenty of inspiration, assistance and suggestions will be given by our talented and passionate teacher Louise.  

Equipment is provided. 

Starter materials for several small projects are also provided. As the class progresses students can purchase wood through the teacher or bring their own materials. Once these materials have been deemed as suitable for pyrography by the teacher you are free to work on your own project with guidance and assistance. 


Cost: €145 

Day: Tuesday 19:00-21:00 

Length of Course: 10 weeks 

Start Date: 4th February 2020