Skin Care and Make-up Artistry

An introduction to Skin Care and Make-up Application

Let this be the first step into a new you.

This course is aimed as an introduction into the world of Skin Care and Make-up Application.  You will explore skin types, how to recognise a skin type, what to use when why and how.  You will learn about brands and gain an insight into the world of advertising and marketing products.

We will take a tour through the history of Make-up, explore the tools needed and trending products.  You will practice foundation application, contouring,  eye make-up and eyelash application.

This course will give you a taster of the Beauty and Make-up Industry.  You will learn firstly how to look after your own skin and how to apply your own Make-up but with a full understanding of how best to purchase and use products.

Class begins 2nd October 2018

Tuesdays 19:00-21:00


8 weeks