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The New Term Awaits


Back to school posters everywhere. The smell of new books and copies. Everything organised and ready for a new year ahead. On the first day back we’ll watch them wobble in under heavy bags and be delighted for them. They’ll be full of vim and anticipation for what is ahead. That’s the kids sorted anyway.

Adult Education has a different feel. I remember my first evening class. I arrived with my A4 pad feeling a bit out of step and unsure. I needn’t have. The tutor was fantastic and he was welcoming, organised and passionate about his subject. The weeks flew by in a whizz of new language, discussions and enjoyment. The chat flowed and the learning was valuable.

After that I was well and truly hooked on these bite sized chunks of learning. I’ve tried all sorts from workshops to Diplomas and enjoyed them all.

My experience informs my role as Director here and I use it to create a Programme that my local community can engage in and get the most out of. Join us for the next term and see what comes of it.


I look forward to welcoming you.


Claire Mac Loughlin


PSN Adult Ed Blog

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