Crochet and Portuguese Knitting for Beginners and Improvers

Crochet and knitting are  easy to learn crafts that can be used to create any number of projects large and small. Join this class to learn all the basics you need in a relaxed and helpful atmosphere. A starter pack is included in the cost of the course allowing you to get started straight away on you first project! Improvers and people wishing to restart this relaxing hobby are also more than welcome. A perfect opportunity to receive help with an ongoing project or help to get started.


Portuguese Knitting


Challenge yourself by learning something new and different! Portuguese knitting is an alternative method to classical knitting which gets the same results – but faster and with less wear on the joints. 


If you are a knitter, chances are you have chosen the method that you like the best. However, learning alternative knitting methods can ensure that you are knitting in the most comfortable way possible. Sometimes, the way you first learn to do something is not always the best for your hands and wrists.


The Portuguese Knitting is not only simple, but it requires less movement which strains your hands less.  The simplicity of the movement means that hands are not overworked, they do not tire as easily and knitters are less likely to experience pain or cramping.


This method it is also perfect to do circular projects with no joining.


Class begins 2nd of October 2018

Tuesdays 19:00-21:00


10 weeks

Materials are not included. You can buy a starter kit for €10 or bring the materials you would like to work with.